The best opportunity for your career
We at Bengbu Metal aim to provide our employees with a well-designed environment for learning and development; and a variety of welfare benefits and bonuses that are better than our competitors so that everyone  will be motivated to strive for the best! We are ready, what about you?


1.Employee Uniform
2.Meal Allowance
3.Education Subsidization
Bonus / Warrant:
1.Employee Bonus
2.Employee Warrant

  Bonuses / Prizes:
1.Annual Bonus
2.Achievement Bonus
3.Birthday Gift
1.Department Dinner Party

1.Wedding Cash Gift
2.Birth Allowance
3.Child Education Allowance
4.Vacation Allowance
5.Consolatory Gift

Leave / Vacation:

1.Labor Insurance
2.National Health Insurance
3.Staff Group Insurance
1.Health Examination
2.Seasonal Fruit Gift